Memorex hears the cry of underserved female gadget hounds, delivers the pink

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|07.10.09

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Memorex hears the cry of underserved female gadget hounds, delivers the pink

Memorex recently had a study carried out on its behalf, which found that roughly 70 percent of women feel "underserved" by electronics companies. Women, who buy about 40 percent of electronics, think (according to this study) that most products are made and marketed for men. Memorex ingested that data, and decided to offer up some new options for the ladies... and they came up with a neon pink, purse-shaped iPod dock. The miniMove Boombox would be just another crummy looking piece of gadget noise, had it not come swaddled in such a spate of condescending mumbo jumbo. Kasia van Hall (a woman!) of Memorex told the Times of London that "women want to know about technology, but only just enough to get a taste of it," adding that the majority "simply don't have time or energy to read long instructions and play with cables." The device, in similar, less-pink form, has been on shelves since last December.

Now, it's true, we of the Engadget nerdom are possibly in the minority, but it seems like a crappily designed iPod dock painted pink is hardly the answer to the conundrum of women's gadget needs. Then again, we have been known to try to insert our BlackBerry into the VCR. Were we not supposed to do that? The miniMove Boombox will be available in the next two weeks in the UK for a totally cute £59 (that's $96 for all you mathematically-challenged gals).

[Via Jezebel]
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