How would you change ASUS' Eee PC Seashell line?

In the past month and change, ASUS has found time to issue not one, but two new Seashell netbooks. Originally shown to the adoring public at CeBIT in Germany, this fresh take on the Eee PC was a welcome change to the drab netbooks we were accustomed to falling asleep on. We managed to have a look at both the ultraslim 1008HA as well as the more business-oriented 1005HA, but now we're eager to hear your opinions on the matter. What would you do differently with the Eee PC Seashell line? Would you beef up the battery? Add a few ports? Swap in a different display or processor? We know Microsoft's Windows XP limitations are holding PC makers back, but who says your imagination has to abide by those same guidelines? Detail your dreams in comments below.