New WinMo 6.5 build shows fingers even more love

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.10.09

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New WinMo 6.5 build shows fingers even more love
Windows Mobile 6.5 has already started to take baby steps in the all-important direction of finger-friendliness, and the latest leaked build is showing a seemingly innocuous addition that's actually really, really exciting: big, ugly soft buttons along the bottom. It's not clear whether this is some experimental feature, something Microsoft plans to shoehorn into the 6.5 RTM or a future AKU, or an addition that was intended to be left on the cutting room floor, but anything that the team out in Redmond can do to make 6.5 a little less stylus-dependent will be more than welcome. Are the buttons down there pretty? No, but at a glance, they look awfully functional -- and as platforms go, WinMo may express the "form follows function" mantra better than any other.


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