European retailer hacks €100 from PlayStation 3 in run-up to gamescom

If you know anything about European retailer Fnac, you know it's not the go-to place for bargains. However, it's this very outlet that's now selling an 80GB PlayStation 3 bundle (which includes the console, a single controller and inFamous) for €100 less than its "everyday low price" as of yesterday. Of course, one major French retailer slashing the price on a system that's long overdue for a break isn't reason in and of itself reason to believe anything's on the horizon, but pair this up with everything else we've heard over the past few weeks, and we'd say all the vague omens are pointing to a leaner, cheaper and altogether more dashing PS3 on August 18th. In our magical fantasy land, anyway.

Update: Our friends at Engadget Spanish just let us know that there's been a price drop in Spain as well. Getting warmer...

[Thanks, Nelson]