Jolicloud beta gets a thorough going over, Microsoft still not worried

We've had our eyes on Jolicloud for a while, and with its eminent beta release the crazy kids at CNET have given it a pretty thorough overview. Tariq Krim has an interesting take on the cloud netbook experience, with an emphasis on quick and easy access to apps -- exemplified by the fact that both installed apps and data are tied to your account, so that no matter which machine you're logged on to, you'll have the same apps and all your data at your disposal. Trolling OK Cupid has never been easier! On the plus side, the reviewer found that installing from a USB key (even while keeping your current OS intact) was a breeze. Also singled out for praise were the large selection of apps and Windows emulation that allowed access to many of your Windows apps. On the other hand, there are downsides, including support for a limited number of netbooks and limited drivers. Interested in the full scoop? Hit that read link to see for yourself.