Canon VIXIA HF S11 hands-on

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Canon VIXIA HF S11 hands-on
Is it just us, or are these flash-only camcorders getting bigger? Or maybe we're just shrinking. Canon's new VIXIA HF S11 AVCHD flagship certainly seems beefy -- both in size and build -- but we suppose that comes with the territory. Canon was showing a demonstration of the new stabilization tech, which can help mitigate the nauseating effects of shooting while walking, and if it works as well in practice as it did in the demo (unlikely), it could be a real lifesaver for part 24 of our ongoing Blair Witch Project remake. It's hard to argue with the shooting time built-in and SDHC expandability on offer, but we suppose the HF S11 serves as a reminder that the gulf between "real" camcorders and their pocket cam brethren is indeed a wide one.

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