Last Polaroid cameras and film to be sold at Urban Outfitters tomorrow

We've had a hole in our hearts ever since the original Polaroid company stopped manufacturing instant film, filed for Chapter 11, and sold off its brand name, but it looks like those crazy kids at The Impossible Project are making some small moves to turn things around after picking up the pieces last year: they'll be selling the remaining stock of cameras and film at Urban Outfitters starting tomorrow. Sadly, that's not much, as there are only 700 hand-numbered kits containing a deadstock Polaroid ONE600 Classic camera and a pack of Type 779 film available, but at least there's more film to go around if you already have a camera -- additional 779 packs will also be on sale until stock runs out. We're not sure if this plan will raise enough cash to start the factory up again -- or if anyone else even cares about Polaroid anymore -- but you know where we'll be standing in line tomorrow morning.

[Via OhGizmo!]