LEGO Universe screenshots reveal a first look at LEGO MMO

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|08.20.09

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As all gamers know, LEGO is big business having created successful games out of franchises like Batman, Star Wars and, of course, Indiana Jones. Well now it's venturing into MMO territory (yes we're also trying to get our heads around it too) with NetDevil's LEGO Universe. The company has just revealed a few screenshots showing character customisation and three of the sets (focusing on pirates, space and ninjas) but for fans of the console games this may very well be the MMO for you. LEGO Universe is scheduled to be released on PC in 2010 and does seem to capture everything we loved about the bricks in a game, whether it pays off as an MMO remains to be seen. To judge for yourself, check out all the images here.

[Via Shacknews]
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