Liquidware announces modular, scalable Arm-based motherboards

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|08.20.09

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Liquidware announces modular, scalable Arm-based motherboards
If your idea of fun is developing software for obscure computing platforms, then you're probably already down with Liquidware. It seems that Arduino-based projects like the GamePack and OpenBerry have become a little too easy for the gang, so they've decided to embark on a little project to revolutionize computers by "turning them inside out," so to speak. The Illuminato X Machina is a 4-inch square upon which sits a 72MHz ARM-based microprocessor, a dedicated EEPROM chip for data storage, RAM, LEDs for output, and 14 I/O pins that line each of its four sides -- in short, a fully functional computer. The true magic of the operation, however, lies in the fact that these things are designed to cluster together, with each cell operating in parallel. "Like living organisms," it says at the group's website, the cells are "social." They autonomously communicate, distribute processing power and programming, and even isolate faulty neighbors -- when one of the cells crashes, it won't bring the whole cluster down with it. Believe us, we've only scratched the surface here -- hit that read link order up some of these bad boys for yourself, but not before you check out the videos after the break.

[Via Wired, Thanks Justin]

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