WAR reveals details on its Wild Hunt live event

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|08.20.09

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Mythic Entertainment has announced detailed plans for Warhammer Online's upcoming first anniversary in the form of a series of in-game events beginning with the Wild Hunt where six players will be able to pit their wits against Kurnous, the God of the Hunt, in a new instance called the Hunter's Vale, which we told you about earlier this month.

Taking inspiration from the ancient Celtic myth of Herne and the Wild Hunt, the event takes place from 31st August until 7th September. As well as the Hunter's Vale, players will also be able to chase down a mystic white stag in order to gain a special buff and the favour of the God as well as proving themselves able huntsmen. The Wild Hunt marks the first of a series of special events planned with special versions of the Mourkain Temple (September 11th-14th), Gates of Ekrund (September 18th-21th) and Temple of Isha (September 25th -28th) scenarios.

"This anniversary marks a major milestone for WAR, the Mythic development team, and our fantastic community of players," Jeff Hickman, WAR's Executive Producerm said. "We could think of no better way of marking this occasion than by celebrating our success with our fans for the entire month of September. We've got new content to share with the Wild Hunt live event, special versions of popular scenarios, and a 20% experience and renowned bonus, plus, players can get special rare drops, veteran rewards, fireworks, Halfling pies, and exploding stout! Now that is a party Warhammer style!"
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