Samsung N510 unboxed, looking rather large sitting next to the NC10

We know the specs, the release window, even the price -- it feels like we're already intimately acquainted with Samsung's ION-powered N510 netbook, but honestly, we've never really seen it outside of a touched-up press photo. has gone ahead and fixed all that, giving us a good idea what we'll be taking home to mom and dad, from retail packaging all the way to the exposed underbelly. There's even a number of side-by-side shots with its older brother NC10, which looks downright tiny sitting next to its more powerful, but also pretty small kin. Want a good glimpse of what's likely to be the first ION netbook to US market? All relevant materials lie beyond the read links below.

Update: Turns out the ION-equipped N510 has been pushed back until after the Windows 7 launch, at least for the US. Unboxing is from Germany, where the netbook's now on sale.

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