EVE Online announces Dominion expansion, 'Walking in Stations' renamed Incarna

James Egan
J. Egan|08.31.09

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EVE Online announces Dominion expansion, 'Walking in Stations' renamed Incarna

CCP Games has announced their 11th free expansion for EVE Online, called "Dominion." As the name suggests, the winter expansion focuses on territories and player control over them. We're told that the Dominion expansion focuses on conquering and holding space, and will feature a reworking of the sovereignty system of territorial control for player alliances. We don't have any further details on the sovereignty revamp yet, but according to CCP the changes have been made with subscriber feedback in mind, particularly through the player-elected Council of Stellar Management.

Given that CCP Games is tying more of EVE Online's gameplay into the planets of the New Eden galaxy, the next step they're taking with the Trinity graphics engine is to add more detail to these planets (and presumably moons).
Beyond this focus on planets, Dominion will also bring the first iteration of COSMOS, a social network for EVE Online that ties in game features with web functionality -- character, corporation, and alliance profiles; a new mail system; and contacts.

Perhaps tying in with the release of EVE Online's next novel, The Burning Life, is the introduction of Pirate Epic Mission Arcs, giving some much needed attention to the game's various pirate factions.

CCP has just put up an announcement for Dominion on the game's official site and they've also launched a new EVE Online: Dominion feature page which should be where further expansion info will be announced.

Lastly, for those of you interested in the Walking in Stations feature where EVE's capsuleers will be given avatars -- it will not be part of the Winter expansion. More info should be forthcoming about the feature at Fanfest, but it's no longer known by its "Walking in Stations" or "Ambulation" codenames. The "Walking in Stations" feature has been named "Incarna".

This is what we know so far, but more details will emerge as EVE Fanfest 2009 approaches. Keep an eye on Massively's EVE Online coverage for more on the Dominion expansion in the coming weeks.
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