Samsung X Series withstands human weight test, other hands-on impressions

We suppose we asked for it when we called the new X Series plastic "cheap" to Samsung's face, but we got some wild build quality trust in return when the Samsung guy stood on his laptop for us. So, the plastic feels cheap, but at least it'll hold up under (considerable) pressure, and the matte palm rest is certainly an improvement over the glossy overload of the competition. Upon closer inspection we're still not really feeling the design of these laptops, and the port layout feels a little haphazard, but at least everything's there and there's no garishness to complain about. The X120's side-button trackpad is a bit of a disappointment, though all three laptops do support multitouch for the all important two-finger scrolling. But enough blabber, check out the laptop standing stunt on video after the break!