Breakfast Topic: The You that you can't leave behind

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I have been playing a human warrior for almost five years now. So I'm looking at the new faction (and upcoming race) change feature with a different eye than some.

I've played other characters, of course... I have three Shamans now, a DK, a Paladin, a Warlock I occasionally log onto and stare forlornly at, and of course several other warriors scattered around various servers, two of which even hit max level... but in one capacity or another, I have logged onto that Human Warrior for the past five years and run five mans, done quests, raided, crafted, even occasionally fished on him. I've done every single instance in the game on him at this point. I even did Naxx 40 on him.

He's been a tank, he's been DPS. He was even just a "Hey, guys, what's everyone up to?" toon for a few months when I tried my level best to switch to Horde. (I'm sorry, guys, but as much as I love Tauren I can't really like playing Horde when I keep running into quests that have me poisoning prisoners of war, or even my own people. I'm the kind of guy who ends up with butterflies and halo's over my head in Fable, even when I start out determined to ravage the land as a force of pure destruction.)

He's been in a few guilds (even though currently he's in the guild he raided MC with) and has ranged from pretty well geared to tanking Mechanar in greens trying to get a sword to drop to pretty well geared again.

Thing is, I find the Human model boring and only picked human when I rolled him because I had previously played a paladin and knew where all the human starting zone stuff was. If I had that decision to make over again, he might well be a Draenei. I've leveled Tauren and love how they look in plate. And with faction changes in the game, I could very well make him either of those. But I don't think I am.

Basically, I'm just too attached to him to even consider Faction or Race changes for him. I raided and instanced and tanked and DPS'd him the way he is now, and it just seems wrong to me somehow to change him. And while I love the idea of a Worgen (and will be leveling a few I'm sure) even if they offered me the chance to make him a Worgen tomorrow, I don't think I'd do it. I started him out a human, he'll stay a human, and I started out the game killing kobolds in a mine in Elwyn Forest with a vendor mace on him, so it seems unlikely I'll ever stop playing him even when I fall in love with a new class. I've trudged through every zone and faction in the game on his plate clad, weapon encrusted back. If and when I every truly give up this game, or they decide they're shutting it down, the last time I log off it will be on this character, and I want him to be the same old familiar face when I do.

How about you, gentle (and not so gentle) readers? Do you feel this level of familiarity with a character, or would you faction/race change as the wind takes you?