Everything Aion: Flight 101

Lesley Smith
L. Smith|09.06.09

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Everything Aion: Flight 101
Flight is probably the thing which has drawn most people to Aion. The idea of soaring high above the cloud on a pair of white/black-feathered wings is a universally appealing one. The reality, however, is a little different. Flight in Aion is not something you can do immediately nor indefinitely and the rules for this are not just to be annoying, they are a part of the game's world and lore.

Join us after the jump when we look at everything you need to know about using your wings.
Getting your wings and using them

Only Daeva can fly and every player will become one at level 9. You get your wings but can't use them properly until you leave the starter zones of Poeta and Ishalgan and head to Verteron or Altgard at level 10. To summon your wings just press Page Up. R will make you rise, F is the descend button and Page Down dematerialises your wings. If you fall off something, press Page Up (even if there is only a fraction of flight time left) just before you hit the ground to save yourself from a grisly death.

You can't fly but you can glide

Flying is -- oddly -- banned in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, the Elyos and Asmodian capital cities. However gliding is something you can do wherever you are. Press the spacebar to jump and if you're in the right place your wings will spread and you can glide. It's a great way to outrun rampaging mobs. You can also glide while flying, just press space again and look for the yellow status bar.

When you can use your wings

At the right hand side of the UI, you'll see a small fair of wings surrounded by a circle. This is your flight timer. The wings will illuminate in areas where you can fly but these will often be few and far between. Why, you ask? Well Daeva use Aether to fly and this substance is slowly draining from Atreia. Some areas have more than others, which explains why certain parts of the world allow free flight and others force you to run like the mortal you once were.

Time is of the essence

Because of the Aether shortage, flight time is at a premium. When you start out you get sixty seconds but as you level up, you also have the chance to pay for better wings. Now these don't just look awesome – and cost a bomb – they also had an added bonus of extending how long you can stay up in the air. We mentioned they cost a fortune though right? The wings can be purchased from special vendors in the capital cities if you're interested in a little window shopping though.

Aerial combat is the key

Once you learn to fly, a whole new world opens up. Literally. Your wings also work in combat (in certain areas). If you're low on health or mana, this can be a life-saver. All you need to do is fly up to flee combat or you can hover just out of range of melee attacks and throw all you've got at whatever you happen to be fighting.

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