Apple CFO says DVR, CableCARD not coming to Apple TV

Although Apple has always referred to the Apple TV as a "hobby," there's been a lot of speculation regarding the future of the box recently -- it was first introduced nearly three years ago, and although the interface has since been upgraded, it's still essentially the same product, leading to whispers that Apple was working on a new DVR-enabled model with CableCARD tuners that would replace your cable box. Awesome, right? Not so fast -- according to analysts at Caris and Company, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer "pretty much killed" that idea when they asked him about it, saying it didn't mesh with Apple's business. Yeah, it's sad, but it makes a lot of sense -- Apple probably doesn't want you to record for free what you can buy from the iTunes Store, and we can't imagine anyone at Apple looking back at their experience with AT&T and deciding that partnering up with Comcast or Time Warner Cable was the next logical move. Still -- doesn't it seem like it's time for something to happen with the Apple TV? Who know, maybe we'll find out tomorrow.

[Via iLounge]