Panasonic Full HD 3D experience eyes-on

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Panasonic Full HD 3D experience eyes-on

It's been less than a year since we first entered Panasonic's demo trailer, the main difference at CEDIA this year was the addition of a trailer for James Cameron's Avatar. We were lucky enough to get an early look at the footage shown, while it shared much with the trailer released a few weeks ago, you haven't seen the Terminator and Titanic director's latest effort unless you've seen it in 3D. Check after the break for the rest of our thoughts on the 3D demo, and what the future has to hold for thid display tech in the home.

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Active shutter 3D technology once again did not fail to impress, though large format action content like the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony and action sports footage was far more impressive than the movie trailer. The benefit of a picture where everything, regardless of distance from the camera, is in focus is one of the biggest benefits 3D has going for it and nothing makes that more apparent than video from a large stadium. Aside from a few glitches from a pair of the glasses being low on battery and flickering annoyingly throughout, the framerate was smooth and the picture sharp, a marked difference from the jittery motion we witnessed during JVC's 3D demo earlier in the day.

With Sony jumping on board it certainly appears Panasonic has everything lined up for acceptance as a Blu-ray standard, and we fully expect to see 3D televisions and assorted hardware on shelves by next year's holiday season. This weekend ESPN tests 3D broadcasts with the USC/Ohio State game, focusing there would do more for 3D backers benefit than pumping up films, which simply don't do enough to bring the effect past "nice gimmick" status. The 3D Full HD truck tour will likely be coming through your town sometime in the next year, I definitely advise checking it out.

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