Guildwatch: Beware of tourists

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.23.09

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Guildwatch: Beware of tourists

This Guildwatch is running a bit late, and apologies for that -- your narrator is slightly out of pocket lately, and clamboring as quickly as possible to get back in. But the guilds featured in today's GW have no such problems -- they are rolling through content like nobody's business. From Yoggy (above) to all the modes of ToC, it's a downstravaganza in Azeroth lately.

Drama and recruiting notices after the break as well. If you want to see your guild (or a sweet forum thread full of drama -- please make sure it's guild-related, no random ninja whining) right here next week, send us an email at Hit the link below to read on.

  • Puro of Havoc on The Maelstrom is angry at all of the Alliance rerollers on Horde side -- they keep going in and spamming chat and generally causing issues that he doesn't like. Except that in the second post, he's reminded that he too once rerolled. Whoops. In his defense, he's talking about "dayrollers," or tourists, as I'd call them: people who reroll just to talk to the other faction instead of actually, you know, fighting them. He's got a point there, but the other posts in the thread do as well: if you don't like what someone is saying, put them on ignore.
  • Renaissance on Ravenholdt-A sent us this film of them having fun in Ulduar that they made. They say it's good, but we haven't had a chance to see it yet, so watch it at your own risk. You'll probably like it. Probably.
  • A tipster sent us this story without names, and usually we like to air it all out here, but since it's such a good story, we'll tell it to you without names anyway. This guild (which happens to be a Horde guild on Caelestrasz, ahem) went into AQ40 the other day to do an achievement run. On the Twin Emperors (renowned, you might remember, for being guild destroyers back in the day), they suffered a few wipes, since most of them hadn't ever been there before. After a pull where one of their Pally Tanks was just standing and doing nothing, they gently (they thought) reminded him what to do. Then, someone noticed that his hands were glowing green. That's right -- he was hearthing. He said "I don't need to take this from anyone, this is only a game," and promptly hearths out, leaves the guild and the raid, and logs out. "Apparently," says our tipster, "the Twin Emps still break guilds."
  • Worlds End Regulars on Kirin Tor-H did something nice for one of their members recently. The member, Koh, is quite ill and apparently has to head off to hospitals in different cities from time to time, and not only do the trips keep her away from real-life friends, but they also keep her out of Azeroth as well. After another guildie, a real-life friend of Koh, suggested an idea, the guild banded together and raised enough money among themselves to pick up a laptop for Koh to use, not only to play WoW on the road but to stay in touch as well. Pretty darn cool -- nice work, WER.
  • It's been a while since we've had some nice baby momma drama, and truthfully, we don't know if this couple has kids, but it's close enough. Instability on Garrosh has been having some issues lately, according to our tipster. Tinkerrbell is the co-guildleader over there, along with her boyfriend Anonymous (I'm pretty sure that's his actual name, not just a moniker our tipster used to try and keep him out of it). She is apparently a problem, and you can guess how the story goes: we hear she's /afking during raids, "sabotaging" attempts at high-level content (we're not sure how that works, but that's what our tipster says), and just generally making life miserable for some of the raiders. The boyfriend and co-GL will apparently hear none of it -- he blames other healers, DPS, and even tanks for the problems. Everything came to a head when it was discovered he was bringing new people into the raids just to blame the problems on them, and a round of /gquits ensued. But then things get better: as soon as she got enough fragments for the Legendary Mace, Tinkerrbelll apparently admitted she'd been carried by the guild, and then the happy couple ninja'd the guild bank and shipped off to Legion of Accordance, where they'd been promised raiding spots and a chance to complete the mace. Now that's drama.
  • This is pretty good -- a few people accused Perdition of Quel'dorei of changing factions just to get more tries on ToC for the first week, but the guild said no, they all went from Alliance to Horde because of the racials. And then this picture showed up somewhere, which shows a forum post from Perdition talking about changing from Alliance to Horde... strictly so they can have more chances for the ToC raid. And to add injury to insult, we've also heard that since the transfer, they haven't been able to get any farther in the extra 50 attempts anyway.
  • Gun'drak, the entire server, also got robbed recently. Apparently a guild from another server showed up to nab all of the raiding server firsts, and then is planning to transfer back off again, leaving everyone else on the server unable to get any of the achievements or titles. We've been seeing a lot of this since the patch, obviously, but Blizzard hasn't made a move on it yet, probably because a) it's completely legit, according to the rules right now, and b) Blizzard is making $25 a person ($50 if they transfer back) for every single member of the raid/guild that transfers. Should this be wrong? Someone in the thread makes the point that if Elysium has a problem with it, they should have gotten in gear and picked up the server firsts themselves, but it is lame that they've been around for a long time and someone else can scoot in and then not even be a part of the server any more. What do you all think?
  • The Crazy Eighty Eights on Shandris had a nice meltdown recently -- a bunch of members switched from Alliance to Horde without telling anyone, and it's caused many problems since then. They eventually kicked their website administrator out (never a good plan), and apparently he used it to air out all of the guild's dirty laundry. Unfortunately, we don't have that page any more (don't you wish we did?), but we do have the current website, which shows the aftermath -- there's been discussion on the phone, everyone's distraught, but they're all ready to rebuild and get back to work.
  • Fancy Hat Club is a fancy hat-wearing casual "10-man strict" guild on EU Shadowsong that recently completed the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement, resulting in, they say, "lots of pretty proto-drakes." They say they're now the number one 10-man guild on the server. Congrats! Algalon's on notice.
  • The Crimson Knights on Aerie Peak rocked some new downs the other week -- they got General Vezax down in 10-man, as well as 25-man Northrend Beasts, and most of the bosses in 10-man normal ToC. Grats!
  • H T of Aegwynn, formerly known as Hemorrhoidal Tissue before they tussled with another guild who reported them, has been rocking it lately -- they're in first place on the server in 10-man progression. All of their members are within two degrees of separation, so they say it's a great example of a family guild doing well, and we'd have to agree.
  • Distortioñ on Lethon-A has absorbed two other guilds on the realm, Aspect of the Hunt and Crisis, and have now moved up into 25-mans. Yogg in Ulduar 10 has also gone down, though they're stuck on Mimiron in Ulduar 25 at the moment.
  • Aetherial Circle of Drenden, who say they're "the unofficial blogger's choice of guilds" (though I have no idea why they say that) downed Yogg 25 and even got the Drive Me Crazy achievement on their very first kill. Sounds good to us.
  • Digital Dementia of Bloodscalp-H downed Anub'arak on the very day he came out. They wiped a few times, just to learn the fight, but then crushed him like the bug he is.
  • The Harlequins of Uldaman downed Mimiron's hard mode on 25-man, and are putting Yogg+1 on notice as well as the starry Algalon himself. Coliseum has also been rocked -- 25-man normal is down, and Heroic is next up. They're also recruiting: enhance shaman and some more ranged DPS.
  • Resurrection of Thorium Brotherhood spent weeks diligently toiling away and have finally downed Malygos. They're also doing well in Ulduar, downing Flame Leviathan with one tower up, Razorscale, XT, Kolgarn and Auriya. Hodir is on notice for next time.
  • The Unspoken (Zangarmarsh-A) has killed Malygos-10. They are also recruiting to help out the Ulduar 10 team, who recently killed Kologarn.
  • Months Behind, on Mug'thol, has cleared ToC 25 as well as ToC 10 Heroic and normal, with two servers firsts as well. They're also recruiting: holy/ret paladins, resto shamans, warlocks, mages and death knights.
  • Descendant on Frostmane-A downed Yogg-Saron for the first time the other week. Picture is above -- grats!
  • Ashen Twilight on Scarlet Crusade is one of the many "casual raiding" guilds out there, but that hasn't stopped them from breaking out hardcore progress. Northrend Beasts and Jarraxus are downed, and they got eight Ulduar achievements all in one night the other day, all in about four-and-a-half hours. Very nice.
  • Chefs Knife on EU Argent Dawn took out the whole of Trial of the Grand Crusader 100-man with 11 tries remaining. Congrats! They're hoping the Faction Champions fight goes a little smoother next time, so we are, too.
  • Worse Than Death (server?) has cleared out regular ToC and downed Yoggy as well. Heroic ToC is on notice.
  • Dark Humour of Boulderfist rocked AQ40 the other evening, clearing it out with just 10 guildies. They recently merged up with Dogs of War and are taking down Ulduar as well.
  • Lich Slapped on Rexxar-A has finished off ToC 10 completely. Congrats!
  • Vita Invictus (server?) downed Anub with, they say, "epic skillz." Wootage.
  • Wipes on Trash on Arathor has been rolling, taking down Yogg and completing the hard modes for XT-002, the Assembly of Iron, General Vezaxx, and Freya. Regular Trial of the Crusader is cleared as well, so Mimiron's hard mode is up next.
  • ParadoX on EU Agamaggan is 11/14 in Ulduar 10 and has cleared out ToC 10 as well. They have a brand new website, and they're recruiting: trees, boomkins and priests to get further on into 25-man raiding.
  • Vogmor Corporation on EU Darkspear-H is recruiting skilled raiders to recuperate summertime losses. They have cleared to Yoggy in Ulduar 10/25 and cleared ToC 10 completely. They're looking for players of all classes but especially pallys and mages. Please be over 18, and look up the website if interested.
  • The Argent Vanguard is currently recruiting DPS and healers for their 25-man roster. ToC and Ulduar will be first -- they're planning for three nights a week. Look them up ingame if you want to join them.
  • The Nevermind on Garona is looking for casual raiders who are cool with a laidback guild style, no drama, and mutual satisfaction. They do take members that are lower than level 80 (down to level 75 or so) but insist that these players take their leveling seriously. Specifically, they could use some ranged DPS and healers, but they're open to just about anyone, even server transfers.
  • Stonewall Sentinels on Proudmoore-A is recruiting raiders for their 25-man progression team. They're looking to fill a variety of classes so if you're looking for a serious but fun raiding team, look them up. They are also a GLBT-friendly guild.
  • Öbsçüræ Referræns (winner of this week's Best Guild Name, though usually I hate seeing those symbols in character names) on Anetheron-H is looking for 80s for raiding 10/25 man content. Note that they're not recruiting for the acual guild, just looking for raiders to go into the content with, as well as feedback and people who would like to become "early adopters" of this system. If you have the maturity, teamwork, and attitude to get into raiding, but not the contacts, schedule, or top tier gear, they might have an interesting alternative.
  • The Endless on Khadgar is recruiting healers of all kinds. Priests and druids are preferred, though shamans and pallies are welcome as well. Ranged DPS is also need, though they're full on melee and well set for tanks. If you're mature and want to join a group of 30-something professionals to straddle the line between enjoying friends and raiding serious, they're your guild.
  • Next Level from Norgannon is currently recruiting healers, as well as some ranged DPS and a pally tank. They're a social, drama-free raiding guild that's serious enough to take down hard modes, but casual enough to know that real-life presides over anything in Azeroth. They're 12/14 in Ulduar 10, and 7/14 in Ulduar 25 (with a few PuGs, but hopefully you'll help them with that).
  • Epic, a 10-man raiding guild on Eldre'Thalas is doing runs during the middle of the weekday, every day except Tuesdays (when they can't get in for maintenance half the time. They're about halfway through Ulduar, and are looking to up their numbers, possibly up to two 10-man groups or more.
  • Invictus is looking to expand their raiding team with most classes -- everything but hunters. They've only been around for about three months, but they're working on ToC 25 Heroic as well as Ulduar 25's hard modes. Please have WotLK raiding experience and the gear to support it. No age restriction, but they value maturity, whining is frowned upon.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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