CrimeCraft prepares for a conversion to free to play, announces first content update

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|10.02.09

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CrimeCraft prepares for a conversion to free to play, announces first content update

The newly(ish) launched MMOFPS CrimeCraft made a bombshell of an announcement today, revealing that they were dropping their current subscription/boxed product model in favor of a free-to-play model.

CrimeCraft, which retails for 40 bucks at Best Buy and FutureShop, will be unleashing an "unlimited free trial" for their game along with a content update at the end of this month. Users who participate in this "unlimited free trial" will have the option to upgrade to a subscription based account in one of two flavors -- a 4.99 a month subscription or a 9.99 a month version. The difference between these two subscriptions comes down to customization, number of available skill slots, and the speed of experience gain.

So what about those people who paid the 40 dollars for the software? Well, you'll be getting an "Original Gangster" tag and icon for your character, a third free month of the 9.99 subscription plan, exclusive access to upcoming content, and more unannounced in-game items.

The first content update will be introducing an in-game newspaper that will feature accomplishments from players and gangs in the community, placing pictures of top ranked gangs on billboards, titles via achievements, a cooperative "kill the boss" gameplay mode, story missions, and players dropping loot on the "riot mode" style of gameplay.

Of course all of this comes on the heels of Vogster Entertainment's announcement that they will be closing their overseas offices to focus on their New York office. The closings come with a renewed commitment to focus on developing CrimeCraft and its content updates.
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