New Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse arrive at the FCC

Well, well, what's this? A new Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse have arrived at the FCC, and they've got new model numbers of A1314 and A1296 -- the current wireless keyboard is A1255 and the Mighty Mouse is A1197. That's pretty much all we know for now, but these keyboard dimensions are also smaller than the current model, which rules out a return of the numeric keypad -- sorry to dash your hopes, Excel jockeys. Is this the new keyboard rumored to accompany an iMac refresh? We'll have to wait to find out -- but on a similar note, AppleInsider says Steve Jobs himself is leading the development of this new mouse, featuring some kind of multitouch and potentially housed in an aluminum shell. That would certainly explain those multitouch mouse patents we've seen in the past, as well as bring the desktop mousing experience in line with the multitouch action found on the MacBooks -- AI says the new mice somehow enable iPhone-style kinetic scrolling, which would definitely be interesting. So... you want to maybe schedule an event to launch all this stuff, Steve?

Update: And... Apple's managed to yank the images out of the FCC filings, which is about as fast as we've ever seen that happen.

Update 2: Revised images have been posted, carefully cropped to show only the relevant FCC labeling -- although model numbers remain. This is absolutely the fastest we've ever seen the FCC database change, it's rather impressive.

Update 3: AppleInsider's revised their post to say an aluminum mouse is just speculation, so this thing could be plastic after all.

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