Dell bringing Mini 3i Android set to AT&T?

Dell, Android, and AT&T have been mentioned in an awful lot of whispered sentences over the past few months, so today's Wall Street Journal report on a Round Rock-sourced Android set for Ma Bell isn't exactly a huge surprise. Apparently Dell's making some tweaks to the Chinese-market Mini 3i in preparation for a 2010 Stateside launch -- obviously the China Mobile-specific OPhone build would have to go away in favor of full-flavored Android, and we'd bet that WiFi and a nicer camera make their way into the casing as well. That's really all we know for now, but we're sure Dell's soon to hold an 8AM event where some random exec will pull it out of his pocket for 10 seconds before putting it away and announcing Inspiron laptops can now be ordered with giant Affliction dragon logos painted on them. You just keep doing what you do, Dell.

[Via Phone Scoop]