B&W's $400 Zeppelin Mini iPod sound system up for pre-order, ships next month

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.13.09

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B&W's $400 Zeppelin Mini iPod sound system up for pre-order, ships next month
Bowers & Wilkins has never been one to play the bargain game, and the $399.95 price tag on its new Zeppelin Mini is evidence of that very fact. The somewhat miniaturized iPod sound system is up for pre-order as we speak on Amazon, and we've heard directly from the company that it'll be shipping out to US-based consumers in "early November." So, is a flashy design, a pair of 3-inch drivers, 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input jack, USB 2.0 port and a promise of a better tomorrow enough to pry those four Benjamins out of your hand?
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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Available for Pre-Order Today at Amazon.com

N. Reading, MA-October 5, 2009-Two years ago, the iconic Zeppelin from Britain's' renowned audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins redefined what could be expected from a one-piece iPod® speaker system. The sculpturally tapered, beautifully finished active-loudspeaker music solution for the iPod proved that playback from Apple's personal music player can indeed deliver glorious musical sound for all to enjoy. With Zeppelin's unprecedented collection of glowing reviews and prestigious awards still growing, we now welcome a new member of the family, the Zeppelin Mini. Substantially smaller but every bit as elegant, the Zeppelin Mini attains the same high standard of sound quality, and delivers astounding clean volume potential, deep-bass impact and extension from such a diminutive package.

Like its larger sibling, the Zeppelin Mini incorporates multiple Bowers & Wilkins core technologies to achieve unprecedented performance. B&W's unrivaled expertise in loudspeaker design is exemplified by the Mini's use of two newly developed, full-range, 3-inch fiberglass drivers. The uniquely slotted cone and very long-throw "motor" deliver unprecedented range and dynamics for such a compact transducer. B&W's extensive experience in digital signal processing (DSP) proved just as important, supplying advanced processing including proprietary dynamic equalization that maximizes the drivers' abilities to produce jaw-dropping volume and full-bodied sound. The Zeppelin Mini's two leading-edge Class D ("digital") amplifiers ensure plenty of power (18W each) from ultra-compact, nearly cold-running circuitry.

Pre-order now to be one of the first to experience Zeppelin Mini's incredible sound, intelligent design and elegant connectivity.

The Zeppelin Mini has a suggested retail price of $399.95.

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