Amazon cuts Quest for Booty price down to $10

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Amazon cuts Quest for Booty price down to $10
We've never really understood the attraction of adding a middleman to the digital distribution sales model. Why would anyone want to purchase a download code for a PSN or XBLA title through a third party, when they could just as easily purchase the same title directly through those services? Now we know the answer to that question -- because occasionally, those vendors will undercut the price of those services' first-party offerings. (Does this qualify as a scenario deserving of an "oh, snap?" We believe so. Oh, snap.)

Amazon recently lowered the price of a download code for Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty to $10 -- which is a $5 discount off the game's current price on PSN. We're sure Sony doesn't appreciate being undersold, but Amazon's cheapening of one of the PSN's most robust titles -- and the predecessor to the swiftly approaching A Crack in Time -- is definitely okay in our book.

[Via Cheap College Gamers]
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