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Pentax's entry-level K-x DSLR receives glowing review

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.27.09

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Pentax's K-x has been shipping in various corners of the globe (in various hues) for a hot minute now, but at long last the entry-level DSLR has found itself on the test bench. The good folks over at Tech Radar were able to take the $650 shooter for a spin, and with few exceptions, they absolutely adored it. Image quality was deemed fantastic, and without qualification, that's easily the most important aspect of a camera. Critics also appreciated the build quality, rear LCD and ergonomics, though they did note that the 720p movie mode was "hit and miss." They found it to be a good fit for novices and amateurs, and while they did feel that it was somewhat less comfortable to wield than Nikon's D5000, they still maintained that it'll be a great bargain when the street price falls just a bit. Tap the read link for the full skinny -- but only if you feel compelled.

Update: PhotographyBLOG has just published its review as well.
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