12 new Star Trek Online screens to warm your Klingon heart

Sometimes you get a phaser blast to the face, and other times you get 12 new Star Trek Online screenshots courtesy of Cryptic Studios. Guess which one is today? Oh, we left our phasers at home so you'll have to make due with these 12 new screens. Good thing we had those on standby for just this occasion.

Violent threats involving energy weapons capable of vaporizing you in mere seconds aside, these are some substantially great screens. Whether it's some Cardassian love seen here (SFW, it's not literally alien love making) or various gratuitous space shots elsewhere, there's a whole heck of a lot to soak in visually. And with beta now just beginning, we're sure to have plenty more where this came as the weeks slip on by at sub-space speeds.%Gallery-28615%