NVIDIA Tegra 2 to double performance, arrive in 2010?

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.06.09

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NVIDIA Tegra 2 to double performance, arrive in 2010?
Word on the grapevine is that NVIDIA is preparing to mount a fresh assault on the mobile front, with a successor to Tegra that moves to a dual-core ARM9 CPU and adds improved graphical performance to produce what's said to be twice the power. This sort of aggressive roadmap meshes with earlier rumors of a Tegra platform powering the next generation of Nintendo's DS, and promises an equally tantalizing upgrade to the Zune HD specs. Keep in mind that the info comes from those highly anonymous and entirely unaccountable "industry sources," but given the time that will pass between the availability of the first Tegra chipset and the suggested 2010 release of Tegra 2, it makes sense to believe that the engineers have had sufficient opportunity to optimize and energize their platform. It's not like NVIDIA has been wasting its time setting up anti-Intel websites and putting together snarky cartoons about its competition, right?
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