PS3 Beatles: Rock Band DLC crashing game's servers overseas [update]

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PS3 Beatles: Rock Band DLC crashing game's servers overseas [update]
European owners of the PS3 version of The Beatles: Rock Band who decided to purchase the "Abbey Road" DLC are having an awfully difficult time coming together. A lengthy forum thread on the Rock Band message board tells of the woes of a number of overseas faux-rockers who, after downloading the content on their PS3, have lost the ability to access any of the game's online modes.

A Harmonix developer responded to the complaints, asking for the specific circumstances of these server crashes and promising that the Beatles team is "investigating this issue to try to find out what's going on." That is to say, the Beatles: Rock Band development team -- not the Beatles themselves. We imagine they're a little too busy for this kind of thing.

Update: A Harmonix representative just emailed us the news that this bug has been squashed. European PS3-owning DLC-purchasing Beatles: Rock Band players, you may now return to your regularly scheduled rocking.
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