Sony surveying PSP Go audience, wants color suggestions

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.12.09

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Sony surveying PSP Go audience, wants color suggestions
Hey, remember when Nintendo was dissing the PSP Go for having a "concept problem" last month? We doubt Sony cared too much, but the concept is going to get a gentle massaging, judging by this here survey. An otherwise insipid market research form has revealed an eye-catching selection of PSP Go paintjobs, replete with tick-boxes for the discerning customer to make his opinion known. The presently available Piano Black and Pearl White are in amongst them, so perhaps what Sony's looking for is a color that scores as well or higher than the current offerings, which might incite the company to make like Nintendo and bring a little more rainbow to its portable hardware. We've got our money on that sexy red number, and suspect / hope the turquoise will never make it off the drawing board.
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