Simple Mobile springs to life with $40 unlimited voice plan?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.17.09

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The once-burgeoning MVNO industry may be down, but it's not out -- apparently -- on news today that newcomer Simple Mobile is planning to offer GSM-based contract-free plans ranging from $40 for unlimited voice to $50 for unlimited voice and text plus a meager 20MB of data per month (you can upgrade to 40MB for another $5 a month). In theory, it sounds brilliant -- all-you-can-eat minutes, no contracts, bring your own phone (if you don't want one of the six snoozers they offer directly) -- but we can't find a way to sign up for the service, so this might devolve into another Zer01-esque debacle unless we actually hear of people using and enjoying it. It's clearly not for data-heavy folks, but if this pans out, we can see it stealing some business from the regional value leaders like Cricket at the very least.

[Via Phone Scoop]
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