You'll go ga ga ga ga ga over Elecom's Like a Spoon mouse

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|11.24.09

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You'll go ga ga ga ga ga over Elecom's Like a Spoon mouse
You'll go ga ga ga ga ga over Elcom's Spoon mouse
Travel mice don't tend to be fashionable things. Tiny? Yes. Lookers? No. Elecom's latest, the Like a Spoon mouse, bucks that trend, following in a long line of tidily designed gadgets from the company. In terms of buttons it's got nuffin' on the OpenOfficeMouse, but it looks to fall to hand much more comfortably, with a soft effects coating on top and a stainless steel rim 'round the edge. The price is set at a somewhat steep ¥8,000 in Japan, which equates to about $90, though sadly we doubt this one will be making the transference to America.

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