Nintendo appealing French flash cart ruling

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JC Fletcher
December 10th, 2009
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Nintendo appealing French flash cart ruling
A Paris criminal court recently ruled in favor of Divineo, a company that sells DS flash carts. In a statement, Nintendo said that it was "extremely disappointed with the decision by Paris Criminal Court to find Max Louarn, his company, Divineo, and other co-defendants not guilty in the criminal case involving the sale and distribution of game copying devices," and that the company "welcomes the prosecutor's decision to appeal the judgment. As a victim Nintendo will join his appeal."

In the statement, Nintendo noted that Divineo still owes the company damages from a ruling made in Nintendo's favor in Hong Kong last year. Last month, a Spanish criminal case was dismissed against a company selling DS flash carts, with the judge in that case ruling that the carts are not illegal since they can be used for many non-infringing purposes.
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