Intel announces Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge winners

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Intel announces Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge winners
Well, you know Intel just wasn't going to let NVIDIA have all the fun with its casemod design contest, and after a few weeks of voting, the chipmaker has now announced the winners of its own Core i7 Custom Desktop Challenge. Not surprisingly, there are a few familiar cases among the winners -- including the lovingly crafted Mission-style PC casemod and the OS Xbox Pro (deserved winner of best video) -- but there's also plenty of designs we haven't seen. That includes the Best in Show winner from modder "Duck," whose fire engine red system pictured above uses dry ice cooling to allow for overclocking up to 5GHz, and the boombox mod from jj_sky5000, which won the award for best creativity. Hit up the link below for a closer look at those, and the rest of the winners.

[Thanks, Jeffrey]
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