WoW Moviewatch: Blue Sunny Day

Michael Gray
M. Gray|12.18.09

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WoW Moviewatch: Blue Sunny Day

The subtle mix of Jonathan Coulton and Spiffworld continues to go together like peanut butter and jelly. I obviously can't speak for Mr. Coulton, but I feel like Spiff manages to nail a video to each song with absolutely perfect alignment. Spiffworld's newest release is a take on Blue Sunny Day and continues the monster-as-focus history from Cruel, Cruel Moon.

As the story goes, Jonathan Coulton debuted Blue Sunny Day in Chicago. Originally, Coulton wanted to create a happy song. But the dual meaning of blue (that is as the color of the sky, but also as a metaphor for sadness) struck Coulton with inspiration. Who could be blue about a nice, sunny day? The answer is obvious: a vampire.

The lyrics of the song don't directly reference the protagonist as a vampire, but there was no way Spiff couldn't make the video about a blood sucking fiend.

Great job to Spiff on another wonderful video. These are always a treat to which we look forward.

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