Operation Flashpoint 'Overwatch' DLC on Xbox 360 today, PS3 & PC 'soon'

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Operation Flashpoint 'Overwatch' DLC on Xbox 360 today, PS3 & PC 'soon'
The second wave of DLC has finally deployed for Codies' Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising on Xbox Live Marketplace, and where the first pack focused on more team-based content, this new DLC addition, dubbed "Overwatch," is -- uh, actually, it's more multiplayer stuff. It's kinda this game's thing, you know?

Overwatch adds two new multiplayer modes: Blindside and Supremacy. In the former, PLA players are tasked with accomplishing goals as quickly as possible, while the USMC players are charged with preventing the PLA team from achieving said goals. Supremacy pits players in a race to capture strategic checkpoints featuring "multipliers," including gun emplacements and air strikes.

And, just like the Skirmish DLC before it, Overwatch also packs two new Fire Team Engagement missions to play though: Friendly Skies and Hostile Takeover. You can get the new DLC on Xbox 360 today for 400 ($5) -- PS3 players ($4.99) and PC gamers (free download) will have access "soon."
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