Camangi WebStation gets a few first impressions: 'sluggish' and 'confined'

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.29.09

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Camangi WebStation gets a few first impressions: 'sluggish' and 'confined'
Egad. We had such high hopes for the Camangi WebStation, but as with a few other non-phone devices that have attempted to use Android, it seems as if this 7-inch slate falls a bit short in practice. The gang over at Laptop was able to corral a unit for a brief sit-down, and while they admired the exceptionally light and portable hardware, they kvetched about the lowly 800 x 480 screen resolution, sluggish performance when opening applications and the limited / confined feel of the Camangi Marketplace. They also barked about the resistive screen's inability to accurately recognize finger presses, and while they're still holding out some hope that this thing could be useful in at least a few scenarios, it's fairly clear this piece isn't for everyone. Peek the source link for the full skinny.

Update: GearDiary got their hands on one as well, and they've belted out similar impressions.
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