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Deals for Guitar Heroes of all levels


If you're one of the eight individuals on the planet yet to acquire Guitar Hero Something, roughly now would be a good time to start. In a heartwarming display of post-festive cheer bid to rid itself of excess stock, the troubled Circuit City is offering savings on two Guitar Hero game/guitar bundles: Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, both for $47.99.

Alternatively, if you're a grizzled, orange-button-happy Guitar Hero veteran whose home and life is being gradually consumed by plastic peripherals, Amazon is willing to sell you Guitar Hero World Tour for $34.99 -- sans another instrument.

Source: Guitar Hero III Wireless Bundle -- $47.99
Source: Guitar Hero Aerosmith Special Edition Wireless Bundle -- $47.99
Source: Guitar Hero World Tour -- $34.99


[Via Punch Jump]

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