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Google iPhone app is the gift that keeps on giving

Mel Martin

Just when you thought you had the Google Mobile App with voice search all figured out, Google goes and reveals an Easter egg hidden in the settings menu.

To get there, just keep scrolling down below the 'about' button. If you keep at it, the previously hidden 'Bells and Whistles' button will appear, giving you these additional options:

  • Different theme colors to change the look of the app
  • Changes to the sounds the app uses, including monkeys and chickens
  • The addition of a live waveform when you are speaking -- kind of like an oscilloscope
  • The option to open links in the app itself rather than transferring to Safari
Google is hinting there may be even more hidden functions, but they are going to wait until Macworld to identify them. The Google Mobile App is free for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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