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Man improves, adds a dose of trademark infringement to single-wheeled skateboard concept

Tim Stevens

Did you like the idea of Ben Smither's single-wheeled, self-balancing scooter but wished the thing looked a little less... utilitarian? Check out John Dingley's one wheeled self-balancing skateboard project, aka "The No Snowboard," aka "The Hot Wheel." It was inspired by Smither's earlier creation and likewise relies on a single go cart racing slick in the center spun by a (slightly more powerful) 420W electric motor, but adds a lovely wooden surface and racing decals to the top, improving the look immensely. The rider leans in either direction to get the thing going (as demonstrated in motion below) and the slight curvature of the tire allows for turning just like you would with a normal skateboard. Right now maximum speed is a somewhat pedestrian 7 mph, but Dingley estimates that a Segway-matching 12 mph is possible with better gearing. We can't wait for the inevitable self-balancing scooter racing series.

[Via Instructables]

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