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Best Buy vending machines now offering portable games in airports

We live a fairly fast-paced, jet-setting lifestyle -- an unfortunate side-effect of which are the hours of frequent layovers we are forced to suffer while flying between Hugh Hefner's Sky Villa in Vegas and our private, opulent island getaway off the coast of O'ahu. These long stretches are made even more unbearable when we forget to pack our handhelds -- a situation that often causes us, in a sheer fit of boredom, to overdose on Dramamine and attempt to ride the baggage carousel.

Luckily, we'll never again have to know the firm, rubber-gloved grip of an annoyed Air Marshal -- Best Buy recently began offering DS Lites and select DS titles in their Best Buy Express vending machines. These machines are located at several major airports throughout the U.S., and sell a number of important devices for travelers, such as headphones, chargers, and most recently, Pokémans catching simulators.

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