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Nielsen: People prefer playing original Xbox over PS3 in '08

Majed Athab

It's not too hard to believe that people are spending more time playing on Xbox 360 or Wii than they are with the PS3. It's also not too difficult to hear that the PS2 is the most played console in 2008 -- everyone and their pet lizard owns one. However, there is one thing which stuns not only us but our comrades as well, and that is hearing that the original Xbox is roping in more gamers than the PS3 for a share of TV time. It's a bit tough to stomach, we know, but that feeling of queasiness should subside within the hour.

Media research group Nielsen reports the PS3 ranks 5th in 2008's "Video Game Console Usage" from data collected during the months of January through October. In that period, PS2 took the top spot with a 31.7 percent share followed by the 360 and Wii with 17.2 and 13.4 percent, respectively. The PS3 is right under the original Xbox's 9.7 percent share by a meager difference of 2.4 percent.

But hey, it's not all doom and gloom. Our choice console did beat out the GameCube by a whopping 3.3 percent. The full statistics can be found after the break.

[via Joystiq]

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