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Rumor: Traveller's Tales working on Lego Rock Band

We usually save our statements of incredulity for the end of our rumor posts, but we think this story warrants one up front -- we'd have an easier time believing that Lego Halo is in development, and we know that one's not true. Videogaming247 reports that one of their sources is "100 percent" certain that Traveller's Tales is working on a Lego-fied version of Rock Band for Electronic Arts.

Now, we know that Traveller's Tales is currently working on further Lego titles, but when last we heard, these unannounced games are being based off of Warner Bros. IPs -- it's a lot more likely that a Harry Potter game or follow-up to Lego Indiana Jones is in the works. As it stands now, we're fairly certain that VG247's source is either extremely confused, or they're jumping the April Fools' gun by a few months.

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