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Monsters vs. Aliens 3D promo gets detailed

Darren Murph

For those searching for a few more details on how exactly the Monsters vs. Aliens 3D trailer will be seen on Super Bowl Sunday, you've arrived at the right place. According to a new AP report on the topic, around 150 million 3D glasses will be given away for free at Pepsi / SoBe Life Water displays at 28,000 locations including grocery, drug and electronics stores and big-box retailers -- in other words, you shouldn't have to look hard to find 'em. The three minute promo will utilize Intel's InTru 3D and ColorCode 3-D technologies, which are said to be far superior to the old red-blue Anaglyph system. In fact, those without 3D glasses will still be able to make out what's going on. Oh, and if you were even the slightest bit curious as to how serious DreamWorks Animation is about pulling this off, get a load of this: the outfit's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg is calling the stunt "perhaps the biggest media-advertising event in history," noting that it will involve "tens of millions of dollars." Gulp.

[Image courtesy of AP Photo/Matt Sayles]

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