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The best thing you'll see today: Metal Gear voice cast improv


A mere five days into the new year and our sanity is being brought into question. Is this video after the break really what it seems to be? The principal voice cast of Metal Gear Solid 4 improvising a group therapy session during which the lines between their real selves and the characters they portray break down with high-larious results? Yep, it is.

UltraNeko, host of the YouTube series Sadie's Gaming Infection, somehow managed to get David Hayter (Solid Snake), Jennifer Hale (Naomi Hunter), Paul Eiding (Col. Campbell), Christopher Randolph (Otacon), and Quinton Flynn (Raiden) into one room for one of the most bizarre -- yet entertaining -- gaming-related videos we've ever seen.

Things we learned from watching the video: David Hayter likes to CQC random people on the street; Christopher Randolph thinks his cat is a real Metal Gear Mk. II; oh, and Quinton Flynn seems to really want to be the star of the next MGS. Raiden starring in MGS5 -- surely a joke, right? What's next? Area 51 is actually a secret stronghold of The Patriots? Sure. Hit the break and prepare to leave reality behind.

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