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Chopped up or whole: Free Radical for sale


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ReSolve Partners, which is handling the administration of Free Radical's dire situation, continues its mantra that there's "stong interest" in the company from buyers. A ReSolve spokesperson told that the chop shop company is trying to sell Free Radical whole, but will cut the piggy up if it'll bring in more cash. ReSolve expects to know in the next ten days what pieces potential suitors are interested in picking off from the studio's still-twitching remains. If ReSolve gets lucky, a company will buy the whole hog.

Free Radical currently holds several IPs, including TimeSplitters, Second Sight and Haze. We're going to go out on a limb and say that corporate bargain bin shoppers are probably interested in only two of those IPs (Hint: It's not Haze).

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