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    Epson's DVD-playing EH-DM2 projector reviewed, little love is shown

    Darren Murph

    We understand that the DVD-packin' projector has a certain place in life, but even in that dark little cavern, Epson's EH-DM2 didn't do much to impress the panel over at TrustedReviews. The first thing that really got 'em worked up was the outright omission of an HDMI port, and of course, the subpar 854 x 480 resolution didn't win over anyone, either. Moving on to even harsher bashing, we find that there's no optical zoom whatsoever, so you best have limitless mounting options if you're looking for optimal quality. Even considering the native resolution, critics were definitely underwhelmed by the images output by the DM2, and their bottom line was this: "we wouldn't have been impressed by the PJ's performance -- even as a mega-budget, ultra-casual projector -- two years ago." Can you say "burn?"

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