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Putting on appearances in Star Wars Galaxies

Michael Zenke

Later this year a brand new 'appearance' system will be added to SOE's Star Wars Galaxies MMO. Like similar systems found in Lord of the Rings Online and EverQuest II it will allow players to appear to be be wearing whatever they wish, while gaining the mechanical benefits of specific 'loot' pieces. In a way the system reintroduces one much beloved portion of pre-NGE SWG, which often saw players wearing varied outfits. Loot, in those days, didn't have mechanical benefits.

To accompany the new system, the official site has up a Friday feature explaining how the system is to be used. Making use of the system couldn't be simpler, and allows an unchained range of possibilities for customization and personal expression. Check out the piece to learn the full details of equipping and customizing your character's newest look.

Update: We originally said the system was already live; currently it's only available on Test at the moment.

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