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Conceptronic adds 802.11n, BitTorrent to its Grab 'n Go Full HD streamer

Steven Kim

What do you know -- Conceptronic managed to add in BitTorrent functionality and a compatibility with a 802.11n USB dongle to its alphabet soup CFULLHDMA Grab 'n GO Full HD streamer, and have upped the name to CFULLHDMAi while keeping the Flash Gordon design intact. New firmware for the 802.11n dongle support will also be made available to owners of the earlier model. That wireless upgrade will come in handy with the new model's BitTorrent client, too, alowing you grab some public domain vids for your viewing pleasure. No onboard storage, sorry, but with support for SAMBA, NFS and external USB storage, we think you should be able to find a home for the public commons content you'll be downloading.

[Thanks, KJ]

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