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Mad Catz reveals Street Fighter IV controllers, accessories

Jason Dobson

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With a little more than a month left before Street Fighter IV hurricane kicks its way to retail, the peripheral mystics at Mad Catz have announced a bevy of SFIV-themed accessories. Now, even if you don't know your sonic boom from your yoga flame you'll at least look like you do.

Set for release alongside the anticipated fighter's February debut, the lineup includes an official Street Fighter IV controller and arcade stick for the Xbox 360 and PS3, each adorned with the game's unique art style. Additionally, those pining for a more authentic arcade experience can pick up the stick's 'Tournament Edition,' which will feature "arcade quality" components and a design overseen by SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono. Not enough? A wall scroll, console stickies and faceplates are also on the way, though we expect true fans to dye their skin green or comb their blond hair to preposterous heights before they stand a chance to defeat Sheng Long.

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