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Olympus unveils SP-590UZ, bevy of new Stylus and FE models

Ross Miller

Olympus announced a number of new cameras this week -- at least nine, by our count -- with models that'll attract those with finer tastes, frugal minds, and everything in between, which are all launching before March. First up, for the little espionage in training, we've got the Ultra Zoom SP-590UZ, a 10 megapixel behemoth with a 26x zoom lens and 5x digital zoom for up to 130x zoom in all. It can record RAW files and will shoot 10 frames per second in three megapixel mode. No price mentioned -- for any of these cameras, actually -- and according to the presser, it's set to launch in March. There's also the 10 megapixel Stylus 550WP that's water-resistant up to three meters and is coming February in crystal blue, pure white and midnight black. Olympus is touting the Stylus 9000 as the smallest 10x zoom / 12 megapixel camera on market and is debuting in February along with a similarly-spec'd 7000 (pictured) with 7x zoom, while a 5x zoom variant is due out mid-January. The 10 megapixel TOUGH-6000 and 12 megapixel TOUGH-8000 boast Tap control and will hit retail mid-January and February, respectively. Finally, we've got three budget-priced cameras, including a (potentially Europe-only) 10 megapixel FE-5000 with 5x optical zoom, a 12 megapixel / 3x zoom FE30-10, and a 10 megapixel / 3x zoom FE-45. All three models feature black or gold paint colors, with the FE-45 having deep blue and FE30-10 magenta options, as well. The latter is coming in March, while the other two will hit late this month.

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