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Player perception seemingly shifting in Age of Conan

Kyle Horner

A lot of time has passed since Age of Conan launched last May and while some things never change, it seems like the player perception of FunCom's slightly misfired MMO doesn't want to play by the rules. It's a good thing, though, as a small poll seems to be showing. Now, we say small because the actual statistics in question only represent about one-to-two thousand participants. Still, as a snapshot of a community, that's not too bad.

So what's the overall verdict? Bugs, exploits, and stability have all seen rises in ratings over the course of three months. The votes have also tilted in favor of communication and content for FunCom. So while we stress that this isn't super-scientific by any means, it does point to more improvements and overall up-trending for a game that saw some pretty rocky rapids just three or four months ago.
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